Welcome to Hospital Puebla

Hospital Puebla gives you the most cordial welcome and thanks you for the trust placed in us to take care of your health. Our reason for being and priority are patients and we direct all our efforts towards them to ensure quality medical care.

We work to continue being the best option in Puebla and the Southeast of the country in High Specialty Services; because we have the best Medical team, qualified Personnel and Cutting-edge Technology.

"At Hospital Puebla, your health and that of your family is the most important thing for us."

  • Accreditation by Canaduab Healthcare Council
  • Expansion the best private hospital of México
  • Expansion the best private hospital in México
  • Expansion the best private hospital of Puebla
  • Best private hospital of México

Insurance and Payment Methods

  • AIG
  • Allianz
  • AXA
  • Best Doctors Insurance
  • Bupa
  • GNP
  • Grupo SURA
  • Plan Seguro
  • Qualitas
  • Zurich

Reasons to Choose Hospital Puebla

1. Comfort and Safety

The safety of our patients as a cornerstore of our day to day. Being our priority the safety and comfort of our patients, Hospital Puebla has state of the art facilities and medical equipment which enables us to offer the most specialized and cutting-edge medical care.

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2. International Certifications

Our medical quality has been recognized by different certifying boards both national and international, which allows us to guarantee our patients the best care, with state-of-the-art technology and the best qualified human team.

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3. Highly Trained Doctors and Cutting-edge Technology

Hospital Puebla has become an outstanding reference in health services. Being pioneers in performing the Transcatether Aortic Valve Implantation ( TAVI ) technique, validating our main commitment: Leadership and Innovation in Health Services.

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4. The Best Medical Quality at the Best Price

Putting you first has made us the best Hospital in Puebla and the Central Zone of Mexico. We offer services for all our patients to provide them with the best medical quality at the best price.


Located in the heart of the best area of ​​Puebla, just 40 minutes from the airport and a couple of milles from the bus station, it has the most modern offer of hotels, restaurants, banks, cultural and entertainment centers. For national and international visitors and patients.


How can we help you? If you need more information about our medical services please contact us.

How can we help you?

If you need more information about our medical services please contact us.

What our patients say

Thank you for the trust placed
  • Avatar José Antonio Raymundo Melo Añorve Check Up Medical packages
    For older people, good care and warmth are important, because from there the treatment of diseases begins. Since I contacted the Dr. I received very friendly, very warm treatment; but also a very professional treatment, which is ultimately what I was looking for and someone at my age likes to be well cared for. He gave me all the information and it seemed like the most complete and accessible explanation for someone who doesn't know anything about medicine.
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  • Avatar Ricardo Surgery Herniated disc

    Grateful to doctors, nurses, medical team and recommend them 100%. I had a spinal problem, a herniated disc that was pressing on my nerve, I had a sciatic nerve, I had a herniated disc correction and a misaligned disc.

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  • Avatar Ana Surgery Knee

    I am in Hospital Puebla for an orthopedic issue, thanks to the specialist, it was a very cool experience, the doctor told me that the next day I was going to get up and indeed the next day I got up. Technology has advanced and Hospital Puebla has a care service in that sense, facilities, team of nurses, nutrition, all excellent areas. They come to visit you from all areas to support you and see how they can improve their service.

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  • Avatar Bárbara Surgery -

    I came to Puebla because they don't do this type of surgery in Guatemala. At Hospital Puebla they received me wonderfully, I didn't have to wait to be operated on, I had the opportunity to be treated by an excellent team, I was in recovery, the staff was very nice, I hope that one day in Guatemala we will have something similar.

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  • Avatar Dana Surgery -

    I am very happy with all the service, the attention, the humane treatment, the delicious food, they treated me very well during my recovery, I have had five surgeries. I have my home at Hospital Puebla and they will always take care of me.

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  • Avatar Fernanda Maternity Medical packages

    I felt accompanied by the doctors, the nurses, by the service they have in terms of meals, as well as the Neonatology service, my baby was super taken care of, that gave us a lot of peace of mind as parents, not only because they took care of our baby, but because they also took care of us and saw exactly our needs and always answered all our doubts and concerns.

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  • Avatar Ilse Slip and Fall Settlements Surgical Unit

    I arrived at Hospital Puebla due to a fall, they treated me very well, from the moment I arrived, the orderlies, the nurses, the doctors, nutrition, I thank the Hospital, they made my stay more comfortable.

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  • Avatar Rebeca Maternity Mamá Puebla

    Since I entered the hospital they made me feel super comfortable, the atmosphere was very warm, they gave me that peace that I needed. Since I was admitted I knew that my baby was in the best hands. The neotology team is the best in the world. Something that my husband and I loved was being able to involve our entire family in this wonderful moment through the transmission of the birth on the screens in the room.

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  • Avatar Andrea Maternity Mamá Puebla

    We arrived at the Puebla Hospital around midnight more or less, the admission process was quite quick, we entered through the emergency room and they did the tests to be able to enter the room and it was quite fast, the people who received us were very attentive and the admission was quite easy, at 3:39 Macarena was born, a very beautiful birth, very well cared for, with a great team and we recovered very quickly, we were together, they never separated us.

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